Which Dehumidifiers Are Made in the USA?


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As of 2015, brands that offer dehumidifiers made in the United States include Aprilaire and Santa Fe. Aprilaire markets its dehumidifiers as quiet and easy to maintain, while Santa Fe touts its dehumidifiers as more powerful and efficient than many other dehumidifiers on the market.

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Aprilaire builds their dehumidifiers to work well with air conditioners. Aprilaire dehumidifiers have automatic humidity sensing systems to help control humidity throughout the home. Additionally, they help improve air quality and require a filter cleaning only once a year.

Santa Fe builds their free-standing residential dehumidifiers with the same components as their commercial dehumidifiers. Santa Fe dehumidifiers have large moisture-removal coils with special features that provide an energy-efficient way of removing moisture from the air.

To choose the right dehumidifier for a property, homeowners need to consider both the size and the dampness of the space. Dehumidifiers with humidistats allow users to easily set the relative humidity level according to their needs. Homeowners may also benefit from a dehumidifier that is suitable for low-temperature operation if they are planning to use it in a space that often experiences temperatures under 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Dehumidifiers with higher energy factors offer greater efficiency, which can translate into long-term savings on energy costs.

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