What Are Dehumidifiers?


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A dehumidifier is a home appliance that pulls excess moisture from the air inside the house. Portable dehumidifiers come in different sizes to match the area of the room. Whole-house dehumidifiers that work with heating and cooling systems are also available.

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What Are Dehumidifiers?
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Excess moisture causes dampness, and it promotes mold and mildew growth. Excess moisture might occur in one area such as the basement or throughout the house. Some homes experience excess moisture at certain times of the year, such as the rainy spring season.

A dehumidifier can reduce the moisture to make the home comfortable. The appliance draws damp air into the machine. Coils inside cool the air quickly causing the moisture to condense and turn into water. The drier air goes back into the room through a fan.

The water drawn from the air collects in different ways depending on the model. Smaller dehumidifiers contain collection troughs that need to be emptied. Others have drainage hoses that empty to a drain or larger container, allowing for continuous draining.

Dehumidifiers come with varying features that improve ease of use. Some come with digital humidistats that control use to maintain proper humidity levels in the home. Others have timers so users can control how long the machines run. Portable dehumidifiers with wheels allow for easier movement to different parts of the home.

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