Where Do You Find a Dehumidifier Size Chart?


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Dehumidifier size charts can be found on retail sites that sell dehumidifiers, such as Sylvane, or at the Energy Star website. Dehumidifier sizing charts estimate the size dehumidifier needed for approximate room sizes, as well as room conditions prior to using the dehumidifier.

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Where Do You Find a Dehumidifier Size Chart?
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Both the Sylvane and Energy Star websites provide a basic chart displaying the dehumidifier capacity range in pints needed to dehumidify a certain sized room. The larger the room, the more capacity required. More capacity is also needed when the room's conditions are more humid before using the dehumidifier. Each of the charts presented shows changing capacities according to both variations, making it easy to choose a dehumidifier to fit the particular needs of the structure it is installed to.

While the Energy Star chart shows the basic information needed to purchase the properly sized dehumidifier, Sylvane goes into greater detail for choosing a dehumidifier according to conditions other than room size and humidity. In addition to showing the pint capacity a dehumidifier needs, Sylvane also lists modifiers such as living in a humid climate, or dehumidifing a space with a washer and dryer. For each modifier, Sylvane suggests additions to the capacity needed, preventing buyers from purchasing an underpowered dehumidifier.

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