Why Does Your Dehumidifier Freeze Up?


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Dehumidifiers typically freeze up if they are operating in temperatures below 65 degrees Fahrenheit for conventional models or below 42 degrees Fahrenheit for special models. Other problems that can cause a dehumidifier to freeze up include a restricted airflow, a failing compressor, a faulty de-icer switch or low refrigerant gas.

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Operating a dehumidifier in temperatures below what is recommended can damage the appliance, so to determine if this is the problem, try setting the appliance up on a table where the air may be warmer, or aim a small heater at the unit. Raise the room temperature if this solves the problem. Make sure the evaporator coil is free of frost before turning the unit back on. If this does not solve the issue, try clearing the airflow by vacuuming the condenser coils after the ice has melted and the moisture has dried up.

If the unit does not have a top-mounted air discharge, ensure that the appliance is not positioned near walls and furniture, as this can also restrict airflow. Additionally, some models are equipped with filters, so try cleaning the filter if a restricted airway is suspected. If cleaning the airway or adjusting the room temperature does not fix the dehumidifier, the unit may need repairs and can either be brought to a repair shop or replaced.

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