How Do You Defrost a Magic Chef Refrigerator?


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To defrost a magic chef refrigerator, first remove all items inside, unplug the fridge and, if possible, move it to an area where dripping water will not damage any flooring. Leave the door open, and let the fridge defrost overnight.

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Defrosting the refrigerator is an excellent opportunity to clean it out. When you remove the food from inside the fridge, remember the food in the freezer compartment. Throw out any expired foods and place the rest in a separate refrigerator or freezer while the Magic Chef refrigerator is being defrosted.

When you unplug the refrigerator, it is best to lay thick towels in the bottom of the inside to absorb most of the water. Let the towel extend over the front exterior of the fridge to catch dripping water. When the appliance is finished defrosting, wipe all the moisture from all of its surfaces. Then take the opportunity to wash the inside of the fridge with warm, soapy water. Avoid using abrasive cleaners. Allow the fridge to air dry completely before plugging it back in.

Once the fridge has returned to an appropriate temperature, restock it with food and drinks. Manufacturers recommend defrosting your fridge around every three months for best results.

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