How Do You Defrost GE Refrigerators?

According to Favorite Freezer Foods, the first step to defrost a GE refrigerator effectively is to check for a secure seal. Huge ice buildups result from moisture seeping in the freezer door. For the actual process itself, the steps include: making sure your foods have a proper temporary storage, unplugging the refrigerator from its power source, and having towels and a bucket handy to clean up the spills.

There is a more comprehensive method offered by the Appliance Clinic that not only handles ice buildup within the freezer box itself, but also helps keep the frosting off the more costly evaporator coils. Every GE refrigerator comes with a defrost timer that is located behind the toe plate of the body and in front of the condenser coils.

This timer is equipped with a switch that cuts off power from the compressor and shunts it to the defrost heater. The motor within this timer is set by default to defrost automatically every 8 hours. Should ice build up too quickly, the timer can be bypassed and engaged manually.

Those who want to avoid the need for defrosting should check stores that sell appliances or the GE website for newer frost-free freezer models.