How Do You Defrost a Freezer?


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To defrost a freezer, clear out all food items and storage containers, unplug the freezer from its power source and open the freezer door. Defrosting a freezer naturally is the easiest way, but it is possible to speed up the process by aiming a fan at the open door or placing bowls of boiling water on the shelves.

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Freezers that require manual defrosting should be defrosted at least once every 12 months.

  1. Prepare the freezer
  2. Remove all foods and containers from the freezer and consign them to ice chests or other insulated containers. Unplug the freezer so there is no risk of electrocution, then open the freezer door.

  3. Speed up the process
  4. Check the manufacturer's user manual to determine whether there are any risks involved with defrosting the freezer. If not, consider aiming a small fan at the opening of the freezer. This hastens the defrosting process. Alternatively, fill bowls or pans with boiling water, then place one on each shelf of the freezer.

  5. Clean up the freezer
  6. Never leave a defrosting freezer unattended. Use towels or a shop vacuum to mop up the water as it melts. When the freezer is fully defrosted, clean it with a commercial cleaning product. Plug the freezer into its power source again, then wait until it has reached its ideal temperature before replacing food.

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