What Are Some Deer-Resistant Shade Plants?


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Bergenia is a deer-resistant perennial with glossy leaves and flower clusters that come in purple, pink and white, according to Garden Guides. The bleeding-heart is another perennial that blooms in late winter and early spring. Primroses come in different colors and grow during the spring and early summer.

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The lungwort is an evergreen perennial with spotty leaves and tubular-shaped flowers. The Lenten rose is one of the first perennials to grow in late winter and early spring, and it grows in full shade and moist soil. Another deer-resistant plant is lily of the valley, as it emits a scent that deer detest. It is also suitable for planting under trees and deeply shaded areas. The foxglove has flowers in the shape of a bell, and they add vibrancy to shaded surroundings. Deer especially do not like the foxglove, because it produces toxins.

Ferns thrive in shady areas, but not all of them are deer-resistant. For instance, deer are not fond of the graceful maidenhair fern, the Japanese painted fern and the ghost fern. All of these plants need moist soil to grow.

SF Gate notes that the leopard plant sprouts flowers that resemble daisies in late summer. Monkshood is a poisonous plant that blooms bluish-purple and blue flowers. The autumn crocus inches its low-hanging, purple flowers into shaded areas.

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