What Are Some Deer-Resistant Annual Flowers?


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Deer-resistant annuals include angel's trumpet, annual vinca, dusty miller, false camomile, flowering tobacco, forget-me-not, heliotrope, larkspur, poppies, marigold, snapdragon, spider flower, strawflower, sweet alyssum and rosemary. Additionally, deer seldom damage bachelor's buttons, borage, candytuft, dill or cock's comb. Although no plant is deer-proof, choosing deer-resistant varieties reduces the chance of deer making a garden part of their food source.

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Planting deer-resistant annuals is not the only way to keep deer out of the garden. Adding a fence around the garden is the most effective method gardeners can use to keep deer away from tender plants. Other options include planting tall, deer-resistant shrubs, such as short needle spruces or boxwoods, around the garden's border to keep deer away from fragrant annuals they may find appetizing.

Other tactics to discourage deer from destroying the garden include planting a barrier of very fragrant plants, such as lavender or garlic, to make the rest of the garden less appetizing. Gardeners can mix plants with hairy or thorny foliage, such as lamb's ear or barberries, with the plants that need protecting and near the entrance to the garden. Stringing fishing line 2 to 3 feet above the ground around landscaping beds confuses deer, often causing them to run away.

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