How Do You Deep Clean Hardwood Floors?


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Most of the time, caring for hardwood floors means using a dust mop or vacuum to remove any dirt that is tracked into a home. Occasionally, these floors require deep cleaning. Use a hardwood approved cleaner, a sponge mop and a bucket to remove the buildup of dirt, grime and oil.

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How Do You Deep Clean Hardwood Floors?
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  1. Vacuum the floor

    Use the hard surface attachment on a canister vacuum to remove any dust and dirt.

  2. Remove any spots

    Remove heel marks and stains from the wood using your selected cleaner in a stronger concentration than you use for mopping. If a stain has penetrated the finish, this indicates a soft finish and requires special treatment to prevent damage to the floor.

  3. Mix the cleaning solution

    Follow the manufacturer's directions for mixing the cleaning solution.

  4. Wet the mop

    Dip the mop into the solution. Wring so that it is almost dry. Do not leave standing water on wood floors, which causes warping of the materials and leaves spots in the finish.

  5. Rinse if required

    If the product you choose requires rinsing, empty the mop bucket and refill with clean water. Wash the mop head to remove dirt and wring until almost dry. Mop as you did with the cleaner to rinse the solution from the floor.

  6. Dry quickly

    Reduce the chances of damage by drying the floors quickly. Place a fan directed at the floor to increase air circulation and decrease drying time.

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