How Do You Decrease the Humidity in a House?


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Humidity in a house can be decreased by installing extractor fans, opening windows to increase air circulation and installing insulation. Having good ventilation and raising indoor temperatures are two of the key objectives when trying to control humidity.

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Too much humidity in a home can damage the property, leave unpleasant smells and put the occupant's health at risk. The methods listed above are three of the primary ways to control humidity, but there are others.

Humidity is usually caused by things that are part of everyday life, such as washing, cooking and showering. Even breathing causes humidity. Taking steps to mitigate these activities can help with the problem. For example, taking shorter showers will help, as will maintaining ventilation during a shower through an extractor fan or an open window.

Drying clothes inside can also be a source of humidity, so damp clothes should always be hung outside. It also helps to only put the washing machine on when it is full to reduce the amount of times it runs. The same applies to dishwashers. Dryers should always be vented outside. Also, reduce the number of indoor plants that are in the home. They purify the air, but they can also increase the levels of humidity.

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