What Are Some Decorative Ways to Fold Bath Towels?


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Some decorative ways to fold bath towels include animal shapes such as swans, monkeys, elephants, bunnies and pigs. You can fold the towel into a pocket that holds a matching washcloth or wrap it into a bundle containing single-use bottles of soaps and lotions. Other shapes include flowers, fans, pinwheels and even shirts complete with a breast pocket.

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Make a bath towel snail in just five steps. Begin by laying the towel out flat, then tightly roll both long edges so that the rolls meet in the middle, making sure they are tight and even. Starting at one end, roll the towel into a spiral such that the two rolls from the previous step face in because the outside of the spiral should be smooth. Take the loose end, and fold it back so you can pull the corners out from the small rolls and make antennae. To finish the snail, prop it up with the antennae peeking out from beneath the spiral body.

To fold a towel into a pocket, begin by laying the towel out on a flat surface. Grasp the short end, and fold it up so that the edge rests one-quarter of the way up the towel. Now, grasp the resulting fold, and fold it up so that the original fold rests at the towel's center with the edge inside this new fold. Carefully flip the towel over, and fold the two long edges back so they meet in the middle. Fold the towel in half, and flip it around; the pocket is at the bottom.

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