What Are Some Decorative Ideas for Edging Your Lawn?


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Some decorative ideas for edging a lawn are to choose a material type that is complementary and enhances the appearance of the lawn. Wood, plastic, brick, metal, concrete and pavers are the most common types of landscape edging materials used to separate garden beds from a lawn or along walkways. A particularly good choice may be brick, as noted by Better Homes and Gardens.

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When using brick as edging, it is a good idea to ensure that there are no spaces left between bricks to avoid grass growing through these areas. Another benefit of using brick edging is that it may be useful as a mowing strip, as noted by Better Homes and Gardens. Brick edging also can come in different styles such as a geometric Victorian style that may be suitable for formal or cottage-type gardens.

For homeowners on a budget, wood can be another good choice for decorative edging because it may be less expensive than other materials. However, the wood has to be either treated or rot-resistant, as noted by DIY Network. Some other ideas for natural edging materials are rocks, timber and logs.

A few ideas for metal landscaping material are to use steel, aluminum or copper piping. Copper piping easily bends for making decorative curved or circular edgings. Similarly, other possible edging ideas are to use flagstone or precast border stone blocks. However, a very common material used for lawn or garden edging is plastic due to its ease of installation.

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