How Do You Decorative Concrete Overlay to Your Patio?

How Do You Decorative Concrete Overlay to Your Patio?

Homeowners can add a decorative concrete overlay to their patio by preparing the surface, adding new concrete, stamping the area and adding the finishing products to the completed area, states The process moves quickly, so homeowners may prefer to have experienced contractors or landscapers complete the project for professional results.

Stamped, decorative concrete can be placed atop existing concrete patios as long as the patio is properly prepared, notes The existing concrete needs to be thoroughly cleaned, and the overlay material needs to be mixed with a polymer-modified latex liquid, which acts as the glue to attach the overlay to the existing material. The stamping process goes quickly, so installers need to be organized and have all materials on-hand before starting the process. To install the overlay, follow the steps below.

  1. Prepare the concrete
  2. Apply the concrete to the patio, and before beginning the stamping process, add color hardener and a release agent to the concrete. Then, check the consistency of the concrete before beginning the stamping process. The concrete should be dry enough to hold the weight of the stamp and the worker without sliding but still be wet enough to take the full form.

  3. Begin stamping
  4. Use a texture mat to pre-texture the outer perimeter, and then place the first row of stamps on the concrete. Ensure the first row is straight, and then step on the mats to stamp the concrete. Continue the stamping process until the whole area is completed. Another person should remove the stamps as the rows are finished and smooth the areas as needed.

  5. Finish
  6. After the concrete cures for a day, clean the surface, apply a curing compound, install joints and seal the concrete to complete the process.