What Are Some Decorating Tips Using Antique Vintage Mirrors?


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Some decorating tips using antique vintage mirrors include grouping them together and putting them in unexpected places. They do not have to be all of the same style, size or shape. In fact, some groupings are made more interesting if the mirrors are different from each other. The mirrors can be kept in their original frames, placed in new frames or left frameless.

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Mirrors that are hung on a dark wall help to break it up a bit. They also reflect the opposite wall and may reflect a window, which increases the light in the room.

A very large mirror does not have to be hung at all, but leaned against an otherwise empty wall. A smaller mirror can be hung above it to further break up the blankness of the wall.

Vintage antique mirrors don't have to be restricted to the living room or dining room. They can add brightness to a bathroom and even a laundry room. They don't need to be hung, but can be arranged carefully on a shelf. They also add interest to a narrow hallway that leads to a staircase, which is then partially reflected in the mirror glass. A mirror that's just the right size can also be tucked into the empty space between the upper and lower kitchen cabinets, or placed on top of a vanity.

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