What Are Some Decorating Ideas for Tumbled Beach Glass?

Some decorating ideas for tumbled beach glass include adding them to tiles on a tabletop or a tray. Display beach glass as wall art, or arrange bits of glass in a mobile to hang in a window.

Pour beach glass into clear glass jars, bowls or votives. Fill these containers exclusively with beach glass, or add other gifts from the sea, such as seashells or bits of coral. Place candles in the votives and place them in larger glass containers. Fill the space around the calendar with bits of beach glass.

Fill window frames with beach glass to add beauty while preserving privacy. Use glass adhesive with resin to fill up the spaces between the shards. You can also place beach glass around a mirror or a picture frame.

Make Christmas ornaments from beach glass. Use clear silicone glue to attach beach glass to transparent, shatterproof Christmas balls, and add glitter spray for some additional sparkle. Arrange beach glass over wire rings to make wreaths.

Some people distinguish between beach glass and sea glass. Beach glass is glass that has washed up on the beaches of bodies of fresh water; it lacks the frosted glass look of tumbled glass from the sea. However, many people use the terms "sea glass" and "beach glass" interchangeably.