What Are Some Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces?


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Decorating ideas for small spaces include painting walls to create an expansive feeling, using mirrors, and furnishing the room so that it feels open and uncluttered. Because abundant natural light makes any space appear larger, hang sheer window curtains to let in the sunshine. As explained in Real Simple, a glass divider can separate a room, creating an invisible wall, while ensuring that both areas receive sunlight.

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A helpful trick for making a room appear larger is to paint the walls a similar color as what is visible outside. Some examples would be a cloud-like pale blue or a soothing green. In a basement or otherwise cavernous room, a monochromatic palette, such as crisp white walls and deep purple accents, work best.

According to House Beautiful, hanging mirrors in strategic places to reflect light throughout the room can open up the space. If the room is narrow, place decorative mirrors at each end.

When designing small rooms, simplicity is important. Keep trinkets on tables to a minimum, avoid using extra throw rugs, and forgo a large coffee table. Instead, use small bookcases and side tables. Get creative with storage, and make use of every square inch of closets to conceal clutter and give the illusion of a much larger living space.

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