What Are Some Decorating Ideas for a Small Bathroom?


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When decorating a bathroom, bright or neutral colors, tiled surfaces and mounted shelving are options for making a small room appear larger. Bold geometric patterns, monochromatic color schemes and minimalistic fixtures also create the illusion of space, while large mirrors and ambient lighting make the area feel more open.

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One of the easiest ways to artificially expand a bathroom is to make the walls, floor and ceiling appear endless. Adding tiny or oversized tiles or painting several surfaces white are popular options to make the ceiling seem higher. A bright color, especially in a monochromatic layout, also gives the impression of light filling the room. Home decorators can achieve the same effect with boldly patterned wallpaper, and geometric prints with repeating vertical or horizontal lines are exceptionally useful at stretching the walls.

Layering tones and textures in wall décor can create the appearance of depth, such as using raised mirrors with frames similar to the wall color. Homeowners can maximize wall storage by hanging shelves or small cabinets and choose furnishings that fit in corners or have tall height and shallow depth. In bathrooms with windows, a wide ledge can double as a shelf for decorative jars or flowers. If homeowners are performing a full-scale remodel, they can save floor space by installing small wall-mounted appliances, such as sinks and toilets.

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