What Are Some Decorating Ideas for Slanted Walls?


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To decorate slanted walls, create an accent wall. Add a bold color or wallpaper to feature one wall in the room and create a focal point. Hang artwork on slanted walls, securing the top and bottom of the frame, to create interest.

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Create a focal point in a room with slanted walls by adding a bright color or interesting wallpaper to one wall. An accent color, such as red, draws the eye in a room featuring bold accents. For a more subtle focal point, select a wallpaper with neutral tones to create visual texture and interest on a focal point wall.

Artwork, such as framed prints, makes an attractive addition to a slanted wall. The angle allows light to reflect off the glass while the artwork adds interest to the room, breaking up the monotony of a blank wall. Secure artwork at the top and bottom of the frame to make it work on a slanted wall.

Select one color for both the walls and ceiling to create a cohesive look throughout the space. To draw attention to the interesting shape of slanted walls and ceilings, use a different color for each. A warm beige for walls accented with a bright white ceiling creates a neutral yet attractive space.

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