What Are Some Decorating Ideas for Large Outdoor Flower Pots?

What Are Some Decorating Ideas for Large Outdoor Flower Pots?

Try decorating large flowerpots with shades of yellow and orange for by adding Mexican sage and ornamental peppers to the pot. Plant flowers that use the colors of a favorite football team or add drama to a flower pot by adding elephant's ear to a plant with otherwise small flowers.

Large flowerpots give the owner plenty of opportunity to dress them up and change their appearance based on the seasons or any other theme.

In the spring, try adding some latana to a decorative pot. The latana blooms into pretty summer colors and attracts butterflies and moths. Along with latana, variegated spreading salmon plants and foxtail asparagus make pretty spring and summer plants for outside.

People living in warmer climates may enjoy planting geraniums that handle high heat and humidity well. They come in a variety of colors and grow large enough to fit nicely inside a large pot. Tulips paired with pansies make a bright and colorful addition to any large pot, and their hardiness makes them last in any climate with minimal care.

Take advantage of seasonal sales at the local nursery when putting together an arrangement for a large pot. Plants such as salvias, geraniums, sweet potato vines and daylilies are inexpensive and look great in galvanized pots.