What Are Some Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms?

decorating-ideas-bedrooms Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Decorating the bedroom in a coastal theme is one idea. Other ideas for decorating a bedroom include adding seating, filling a wall with a large piece of art and having his and hers night stands.

Shades of soft blue, aquamarine, sea green and white comprise the coastal bedroom color palette. Touches of sandy brown, coral and navy blue are also suitable. Distressed paint, aged wood and old wicker furniture pieces compliment the coastal look. Artwork and decor featuring fish, seashells, coral, starfish and seabirds are commonly seen in this style bedroom. Boating motifs such as oars, sailboats, nets and anchors are also appropriate.

Seating helps make a bedroom feel cozy, but it's important to not let the seating become a stash spot. It is best to avoid placing chairs next to closets and dressers.

Blank walls give bedrooms an empty vibe. Adding an extra-large art piece gives the room a more glamorous touch and helps modernize it.

Having his and hers night stands helps both occupants enjoy the bedroom and adds a unique touch. High-style wall decals are another way to add a unique touch to the bedroom. Wall decals are available in different themes, such as polka dots, nature and animals.