How Do You Decorate With Vinyl Apple Stickers?


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Decorate a home with vinyl apple stickers by applying stickers to walls in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens or other rooms with apple or country decor. Apply a vinyl sticker to the back of a Mac, or "Apple," computer to add personality.

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As of August 2015, the Lowe's and Amazon websites offer vinyl apple stickers that homeowners can apply to walls and other household fixtures. The apple stickers from Lowe's are a traditional red color and have a country decor theme. Add these decals to a kitchen to quickly change the room and give a dash of color. The decal from Amazon is an apple made up of different shapes, including scissors, an atom and an alarm clock. This apple represents education and would be a good accent for a teacher's living room or a student's bedroom.

Hundreds of variations of vinyl stickers are available for decorating "Apple" laptops and other Mac devices. Stickers include Disney's Snow White, a rib cage, Studio Ghibli's Totoro and a wristwatch. Most of these stickers use the apple that appears on the back of Mac devices as a prop. For example, the Snow White sticker appears to be eating the apple, and the rib cage decal has the apple where a person's heart would be.

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