How Do You Decorate With a Teapot Collection?

How Do You Decorate With a Teapot Collection?

If you have a sizable teapot collection, it is unlikely that you use them all for serving tea, as one or two teapots is enough for that task. Consider ways to display your teapot collection as a focal point for your home's decoration.

  1. Arrange teapots on top of kitchen cabinets

    Most kitchen cabinets have up to 18 inches of overhead space. While this area is too high for practical storage and too low for displaying large items, it offers an ideal space for displaying a teapot collection. Mix and match teapots of varying heights to keep the display visually interesting. Arrange teapots of similar colors in groupings together, and balance out with smaller items in between the teapots.

  2. Decorate your dining room with teapots

    Fill bookshelves or china cabinets with your teapot collection to give your dining room a unified decoration theme. Use brightly colored shelving to set off neutral and white teapots, or flip the color scheme by arranging bright teapots on neutral shelves. Continue the theme by using teapots as flower vases and hanging photos of beautiful teapots on the walls as well.

  3. Repurpose old teapots

    Bring old teapots to life by repurposing around the house and even outdoors. Use teapots as planters for herbs or African violets. Fill sturdier teapots with wax to create candles. You can also repurpose a teapot as the base for a unique lamp.