How Do You Decorate a Studio Apartment?


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Keep balance and control in mind when decorating a studio apartment. Utilize all spaces, choose colors that enhance small spaces, and arrange items efficiently for a comfortable living area.

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  1. Choose appropriate furniture

    Select smaller furniture pieces for smaller living areas. Avoid large armoires or entertainment centers in a small spaces, as they will make the space feel cramped. Choose furniture with smooth lines and avoid over-stuffed pieces because they take up valuable space. Place large furniture pieces apart from each other to balance an area.

  2. Select a color scheme for the entire apartment

    Pick colors with the same hue throughout the entire apartment to create a sense of consistency. Paint walls with light colors, such as white, yellow, tan and light gray, to open a space and make the area feel more larger.

  3. Use wall space efficiently

    Hang shelves and storage units on walls. Hang pots, pans and other cookware on kitchen walls for a quick storage solution.

  4. Use items that serve multiple purposes

    Sofa beds, futons and a folding kitchen table help utilize space when not in use. Trunks are ideal for decorative storage pieces and can be used as a coffee table or a bedroom bench. Use decorative boxes and baskets to store miscellaneous items.

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