How Do You Decorate a Small Bathroom?

How Do You Decorate a Small Bathroom?

Decorate a small bathroom with light colors, streamlined styles and plenty of lighting. Choose light fabrics and textures to help open up a space.

  1. Go with light colors

    Small bathrooms appear more airy and spacious with light-colored walls, such as white, yellow or beige. To enhance the natural light in bathrooms, use translucent window treatments, such as sheer curtains, and a translucent shower curtain.

  2. Choose a streamlined style

    Decorative styles that lend themselves to sleek designs give small areas more space. With its clean lines and basic patterns, modern decor is minimalist enough for a small bathroom. Country and rustic styles also have elements that do not protrude into precious bathroom space.

  3. Use light to create a sense of space

    Lighting is essential, but it can also be utilized to create a sense of openness in a small room. Illuminate the space over the sink to create an instant room opener. Lights placed over and under cabinets light up usually dark areas, creating depth in the area.

  4. Hang a shelving unit or cabinet on the wall

    A shelf provides extra room for items that might clutter another area. Hanging cabinets offer even more space, with the ability to hide what is inside.