How Do You Decorate a Rug Beater?


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A rug beater can be decorated by adding elements to the frame or handle to achieve a desired aesthetic. Rug beaters come in many forms but generally take the shape of a tennis racket, with a long handle and a wide head made of wire or twisted fibers. Both of these areas can be embellished or the rug beater can be incorporated into another element, like a mural.

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Adding artistic elements to the handle is one way to enhance a rug beater. Ribbons, garlands or decorative papers can be entwined around the handle. Feathers or beaded ornaments can be tied or inserted into gaps. Items such as small photographs, postcards, measuring cups, spoons or other decorative items can be fastened to fishing line and hung from the handle.

The head of the rug beater can be similarly adorned. If the head features some open gaps in between the frame, photographs or artwork can be displayed here. Photographs can also be clipped to the outside of the frame. Bells or chimes attached to the head with wire could make a whimsical musical instrument.

Some rug beater heads are shaped to look like cows, hearts, ducks or Celtic knots. These can be coordinated with background art to create a farm scene, a romantic message or a sense of ethnic identity. Several rug beaters can be hung on the wall to create a vintage collection.

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