How Do You Decorate a Room With a Jungle Theme?


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Decorating a room with a jungle theme is a great way to bring a sense of escape to your decor. Focus on natural materials and use repeating themes of jungle animals and plants to create a tropical and exotic feel.

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  1. Incorporate bamboo into your decor

    Hang bamboo slat horizontal or vertical blinds on your windows. Bamboo lampshades can make old lamps feel new and exotic. Consider choosing furniture made out of bamboo, which is an environmentally responsible choice as well as an attractive one.

  2. Choose jungle-themed decorations

    Collect jungle-themed accessories and decorative items, keeping the theme unified across the room. Hang African masks or replicas on the walls. Consider having a jungle mural painted with animals peeking out from behind the trees. Peel-and-stick wall murals are available with tropical or jungle themes. For a smaller room, choose wallpaper with images that evoke the jungle. Add ceramic tropical birds to the room or small sculptures of exotic animals that live in the jungle.

  3. Add indoor tropical plants

    Pick tropical plants that grow well indoors to complete the look and feel of a jungle room. Rubber plants, dwarf banana trees, birds of paradise and small palm trees all bring the outdoors inside, and most are easy to care for. Make sure you provide the plants with appropriate lighting and exposure. The more plants you include in your room, the more it will feel like a jungle.

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