How Do You Decorate for a Rehearsal Dinner?

How Do You Decorate for a Rehearsal Dinner?

In order to decorate for a rehearsal dinner, first choose a theme and a venue, and then create an idea board with decorating ideas. The rehearsal dinner can be as simple as beverages outdoors or as elaborate as the wedding with a separate venue and a full dinner, so the decorations should follow the theme. Whatever the chosen theme, the rehearsal should not overshadow the wedding.

Follow these steps to choose a theme and begin decorating:

  1. Choose a theme
  2. The theme for the rehearsal dinner can complement or contrast the wedding's theme or take a page from the honeymoon. For example, a couple that is honeymooning in Hawaii can choose a Hawaiian theme or find a Hawaiian barbecue restaurant to hold the dinner. Avoid following the exact same theme as the wedding so as not to overshadow the main event.

  3. Consider the guest list
  4. Consider how many people will be attending the rehearsal as well as the ages of the guests. If the wedding party includes a lot of children, a less formal dinner might be a better option.

  5. Consider the venue
  6. A rehearsal dinner that takes place at a restaurant will require minimal or no decorating, so check with the venue before purchasing decorations.

  7. Create an idea board
  8. Just like with the wedding, set a budget for the rehearsal dinner and create an idea board that includes decorations that follow the designated them.