How Do You Decorate a Punk Teen's Bedroom?


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To decorate a punk teen's bedroom, use styles and imagery that represent passion, discontent, darkness, and aggression, all with high energy, "loud" clashing styles, pride in damaged and dingy items, and a lack of anything perceived as cute, pretty, sensitive, or soft. Add to this a generous amount of punk music, punk art and political or military gear.

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Punk as a fashion movement is deeply tied to music and punk teens identify strongly with music considered to be "punk rock". These groups, like The Ramones, The Clash, and The Sex Pistols were characterized by aggressive clothing, shocking hairstyles, black outfits, leather, chains, and piercings. To create a punk atmosphere, purchase posters of these groups and place them prominently.

Remove any brightly colored bedding or decorations and replace them with darkly colored items. Pins and buttons are good if dark-colored, or if they express or support anti-social or unpopular political movements. Things that appear dingy, broken or dirty are good, as are items that appear to have been hand-made, poorly. Shoes should be sneakers, in which case white is acceptable. Plain black belts with metal studs are emblematic of punk clothing. Military or combat gear or clothing that simulates the look of these are also almost always punk.

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