How Do You Decorate Outdoor Urns?

How Do You Decorate Outdoor Urns?

One way to decorate outdoor urns is by arranging long and short branches inside them and adding decor. Decorating urns takes roughly 30 minutes and requires a variety of branches, florist picks for decorations, a foam ball that fits snugly inside the urn, a sharp knife and a candle. Seasonal touches and bows are optional.

  1. Select branches

    Choose a variety of branches that are tall enough to reach the bottom and still stick out from the top of the urn. Some should be taller than the others. Choose branches within the same color palette, such as shades of green or all fall colors.

  2. Insert the foam

    Apply wax to a sharp knife by rubbing a candle against the blade. This makes cutting the foam ball easier. Cut the bottom and top of the ball. Insert the ball inside the urn.

  3. Arrange the branches

    Start with the tallest branches. Arrange them in the center of the urn, pushing the stems into the Styrofoam. Add shorter branches around these in an irregular pattern. Make sure the branches fill the top of the urn.

  4. Add florist picks

    Nestle the chosen florist picks among the branches, making sure they're spaced out evenly. Remember to decorate all sides of the urn arrangement with the picks.

  5. Add additional details

    Tie a ribbon around the base of the planter to draw the color from the floral picks out. Alternatively, choose seasonal decor, such as Christmas ornaments or summer fruit, and arrange these among the florist picks.