How Do You Decorate an Office?


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To decorate an office, plan the design, select the furniture, and if desired, place a rug on the floor, install art on the walls, add a clock, and update the light fixtures. For more personal touches, bring in some plants, put some pictures on your desk or the wall, and add a stereo.

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  1. Create a plan

    Think about the function of the office and your job duties. If you have a creative job or need more space, plan for a larger desk or more storage space. Before making any purchases or adding anything to the room, decide what you need and where it goes. Take measurements of the room to determine the ideal size of the furniture pieces.

  2. Select the furniture

    If you are not reusing old pieces, purchase a desk, chairs, shelving and storage such as a filing cabinet. When looking for a desk and chair, look for ones that are comfortable as well as functional. If you have the space, consider adding a couch to accommodate visitors.

  3. Add decorative elements

    Bring some personal touches and life to your office with a few decorative touches. Cover a hardwood floor with a rug if desired. Install your favorite art or photos on the walls, and leave room for any professional degrees and awards. Do not forget practical items like a clock and lighting fixtures, which can easily be updated to fit any style of decor.

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