How Do You Decorate a Narrow Hall Table?

How Do You Decorate a Narrow Hall Table?

Decorate a narrow hall table with a vase, crystal or framed pictures. Other ideas for decorating a narrow hall table include placing a lamp or set of dishes on it.

The home decor website has a list of design ideas specifically for narrow hallway tables. Some of these designs are sparse, while others try to fill it artfully. Since a narrow hall table provides limited decorating space, take the opportunity to display something meaningful and the focus will be always drawn to it, whatever it is.

A vase is a good option when decorating a narrow hall table. After choosing a vase, either leave it empty or insert a plant, real or synthetic, or some other kind of decorative accessory, such as twisted branches.

If the narrow hall table is glass, put some crystal items or knickknacks made with other types of colorful glass on it. The shiny, transparent surface of the glass table helps these items to shine even more.

Some people choose to decorate narrow hall tables with a combination of vases and other small dishes, usually in a set of coordinating colors. A lamp is another popular decorating item for a narrow hall table. It is useful as well as aesthetically pleasing and is good for illuminating a dark hallway.