How Do You Decorate a Living Room in Five Steps?


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To decorate a living room in five steps, position the sofa and the coffee table over a large rug. Enhance the anchoring pieces with complementary decorative accent pieces and your choice of lighting alternatives. Finish decorating the living room by hanging pictures and curtains throughout the space.

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  1. Choose the essential living room anchoring pieces

    Select a sofa, a coffee table and a large rug. Lay down the rug in front of one of the largest walls or open areas of the living room. Position the sofa along the wall, on top of a major portion of the rug. Place the coffee table roughly 2 to 3 feet in front of the sofa.

  2. Choose complementary furniture and decorative accent pieces

    Select and position end tables that match the coffee table on each side of the sofa. Place decorative accent pieces, such as vases, framed photographs, natural or silk flowers, books and other small home decor items on the coffee table and on the end tables. Place a mixture of differently styled throw pillows along the back of the sofa.

  3. Position several lighting options around the room

    Place lamps on one or both end tables. Hang sconces along the wall or pendant lights from the ceiling to add soft, ambient lighting. Alternatively, place candles of different sizes and shapes around the room.

  4. Hang pictures or photos on the walls

    Hang family photos, oil paintings or prints on the walls of the living room.

  5. Place curtains or window treatments over the windows

    Hang blinds or curtains over each window in your living room. For a layered effect, hang both blinds and curtains over each window. Use curtain tiebacks to control the light coming into the room and to add the final decorative accent touches to your living room.

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