How Do You Decorate a Large Wall?

Use a combination of different elements to decorate a large wall. Paint, large decorative items and groups of pictures to help a large wall appear smaller.

  1. Use paint as a decorative element

    To make a large wall appear smaller, paint it a dark color. To avoid having a dark wall as a focal point, paint wide vertical stripes on the wall. Use painter’s tape to guide each stripe. Divide the wall into three or four equal sections, and use two shades of paint that coordinate with the rest of the room.

  2. Decorate with something large

    Hang a large mirror, rug or piece of artwork on the wall. Instead of putting it in the center of the wall, arrange it with furniture pieces and other objects in the room. Hang it above a sofa, desk or headboard to create balance. Hang the piece at eye level to create an interesting focal point.

  3. Hang groups of pictures

    Hang a collage of pictures to fill a large wall. Use frames of the same size for a clean, modern look and a variety of frames in different shapes and sizes for a more eclectic appearance. Frame photographs and pieces of artwork for an attention-grabbing look.