How Do You Decorate a Kitchen With Sunflowers?


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One way to decorate a kitchen with sunflowers is to add a single focal point to the room, such as a large photo, a rug or a painting of sunflowers. This method allows you to redecorate the kitchen within a few hours, and the look can be changed easily when it's time to redecorate in the future.

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  1. Choose focus and accent pieces

    Accent pieces can include napkins, tablecloths, chair cushions, paintings or images of sunflowers and rugs that feature sunflowers. Choose one focus piece, such as a large painting of sunflowers; then add accent pieces in colors that reflect the main focal piece of the room.

  2. Add multifunctional pieces with similar colors

    Multifunctional pieces, such as crockery, cabinet handles, drawer knobs and kitchen towels, can be added to enhance the sunflower theme. Opt for yellow, green or brown as a main color for multifunctional pieces to streamline the theme of the kitchen.

  3. Add matching window treatments

    Curtains or other window treatments complete the sunflower theme. Choose window treatments that are a similar color to the main focus piece in the room. For instance, wooden window blinds in a natural wood color, such as maple, are an option that fits the sunflower theme.

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