How Do You Decorate a Kitchen?

How Do You Decorate a Kitchen?

To decorate or renovate a kitchen, try a change of paint on the cabinets and walls. Other ideas include changing the backsplash tiles, installing shelves, highlighting one or two dramatic pieces, adding pops of color and having a unified color scheme if the main colors are bright and bold.

Change old, chipped or faded backsplash tiles to new ones that feature a dramatic or unusual pattern or color. For small spaces, try all-white tiles with a black zigzag pattern running through the backsplash.

For kitchens with a neutral color scheme, add cushions, linens and accessories in different shades of the main color to add warmth and texture. Alternatively, add pops of vibrant color in the form of vases, painted metal chairs, rugs, container sets and so on. Keep to one or two bright color choices to create this effect.

Avoid countertop clutter by installing shelving (either open or closed) in all the available wall spaces. The wall behind open shelves can be lined with wallpaper to match the rest of the kitchen.

To decorate an open kitchen, add a big table to connect the living space and kitchen, and hang a dramatic light fixture over it. If a wall connects the two spaces, install a book shelf for the family's favorite tomes, a decorative mirror or a piece of art.