How Do You Decorate With Italian Black-Lacquer Furniture?


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Italian black lacquer furniture can fill a room with matching pieces or serve as accent pieces in rooms with other furniture styles. The sleek, mirror-like finish makes lacquer an excellent choice for contemporary and modern homes, but a well-placed piece can work with formal, more traditional decor as well.

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Italian black lacquer is frequently used in bedrooms, and it often comprises the entire bedroom set. The effect is dramatic but sterile. Soft, highly textured linens and complementary, overstuffed pillows soften the look. Organic-inspired lamps and other accents warm the atmosphere.

Dining rooms are another common place for lacquer, and it's possible to find traditional and transitional styles. A black lacquer table surrounded by wood or upholstered chairs creates a striking, balanced look. The table can be accented further with the addition of a crystal chandelier, creates a reflection on the surface of the lacquer.

Lacquer accent pieces work well in kitchens and living rooms, and it's possible to design rooms around them, especially if they contrast light colors and rich textures. One kitchen cabinet or bank of cabinets, or a living room coffee table surrounded by upholstered furniture, adds a nice touch without overpowering the room. A lacquer console or other accent table is another choice, and it should be left uncluttered so that it takes center stage.

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