How Do You Decorate the Inside of a Fireplace for a Coastal Look?


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The coastal look of decorating channels the feeling of the beach, so elements of blue and items from the sea dominate the style. Necessary materials include driftwood, a wooden crate, seashells, sea glass, sea-inspired sculptures, white bowls, candles and a candelabra.

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  1. Fill the back with driftwood

    Cut driftwood logs so that they are 2 inches wider than the fireplace. Set the crate on its side inside the opening, and stack the logs so that they rest between the crate and the inside of the fireplace. The log pile should reach halfway up the fireplace and cover the front of the crate.

  2. Top the crate

    Choose coastal elements to top the crate. Options include a fish tank, seashells, starfish and statues of cranes or seagulls.

  3. Add coastal color

    Coastal colors are typically shades of turquoise, although other blues, white and nautical colors are also options. Fill a white bowl with turquoise balls, and set it in front of the driftwood. Insert column candles in the target colors into a white candelabra, and place it next to the bowl.

  4. Decorate the mantle

    Draw the coastal design out from the fireplace by decorating the mantle with a garland. String seashells, starfish and bits of driftwood from a twine, and hang it across the width of the mantle.

  5. Finish with sea glass

    Add pieces of sea glass between the larger elements to pull them all together. Fill a clear or natural bowl with more sea glass and finish by adding seashells, sand dollars and starfish.

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