How Do You Decorate Your House?

When decorating your home, start with the bedroom first and take time to think over any big purchases or renovation ideas for the home before making a decision. You should also tie the look of a room together with touches of color instead of using matching pieces.

When decorating the bedroom, begin with the bedding first if you're on a tight budget. If you can afford to spend more, paint the walls in a shade that compliments the new bedding. You can also add coordinating window treatments and other accessories to highlight the room. When choosing window treatments for the bedroom, consider the type of atmosphere you want to create in the room. Those that prefer to sleep late should choose window treatments in deep colors and coverings that block out sunlight.

If decorating a recently purchased home, wait at least two months before making any significant changes to the space. This amount of time lets you determine exactly how you'll be using each space, what you really need for the home and what you can do without. If you will be using your existing furnishings to decorate, pick accent pieces such as rugs, accent pillows or window coverings that tie in with the color of the existing pieces. This helps create a unified appearance in each room without the need to match pieces.