How Do You Decorate Your Home?


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To decorate a home, first understand preferences, and then create and fix a realistic budget. Draw out a floor plan, and select a color palette. Measure the entire space, and select furniture and other big investment pieces.

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Find out personal preferences, likes and dislikes in terms of style of furniture, colors, textures and density of furniture and other objects in a room. An easy way to do this is to look at as many pictures of other houses as possible, and write down preferences and alternatives. Preferences must also factor in features such as the size of the rooms, the amount of natural light and any existing furniture or decor. Create a realistic budget, and decide whether the entire house is being redecorated, just the main rooms, or maybe even just key areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

Pick a color to begin putting together a palette. The color selected can be based on anything the home owner likes, such as a favorite color, a rug, a piece of artwork or even a favorite outfit. Build the rest of the palette around the core color, choosing colors and shades that match or aesthetically contrast. Select big investment pieces such as sofas, beds, dining room furniture, consoles and wardrobes in neutral colors so that they are able to weather future paint changes. Do not cut back on costs for big investment pieces, and select the best brand possible within the budget. Measure doorways, elevators and elevator doors, and the stairs that provide access to the home before buying anything.

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