How Do You Decorate a Hawaiian Veranda?

How Do You Decorate a Hawaiian Veranda?

How Do You Decorate a Hawaiian Veranda?

A Hawaiian-style veranda should have a relaxing yet vibrant feel. Decorating the space calls for tropical accents that make the small area look like a vacation spot.

  1. Choose a color scheme

    Tropical colors are ideal for a Hawaiian veranda. Bright shades of green and pink can wake up the space. Bright hues also keep the area cooler, since they deflect the rays of the sun. Neutral shades also work well in a Hawaiian veranda. Shades such as white and tan pair nicely with more vivid colors and can represent natural elements such as sand and air.

  2. Add size-appropriate furniture and accessories

    Choose furniture pieces that reflect a laid-back Hawaiian style but aren't too large or small for the veranda. For instance, a small space is usually ideal for two wooden chairs and a table. A large veranda can house a couch or love seat. Use the selected colors to make the space especially welcoming. For instance, a white or tan couch with bright-pink pillows is eye-catching, as is a wicker chair accented with a blue or green throw blanket. Accessories for the wall or floor include decorative vases, a rustic-style ottoman in wood, and striped or textured rugs.

  3. Accent with plants

    Place flowers and greenery in the space to resemble the Hawaiian tropics. A lavender plant on the veranda adds a pop of purple color and a soothing scent. Lush green ferns, a collection of vine-like plants and dried flowers can accent the colors of the furniture and accessories and make the veranda especially appealing.