How Do You Decorate With Grapevine Garland?

How Do You Decorate With Grapevine Garland?

To decorate with grapevine garland, decide what you want to decorate, measure out the length needed, and cut the garland. Wire the garland ends together for a thicker piece, add the twinkle lights, wire on artificial grapes, and lay the garland near an outlet.

  1. Decide what you want to decorate

    Decide what and how you want to decorate with grapevine garland. Use it to embellish mantles, tables, windows or banisters.

  2. Measure the length needed

    Measure the length of the item across which you want to drape the garland. Allow extra length for draping the garland over the sides.

  3. Cut the garland

    Roll out the garland, and cut it to the desired size using pruning shears.

  4. Wire the ends together

    For a thicker piece of garland, wire the ends of two pieces together.

  5. Add twinkle lights

    Twine a length of twinkle lights through the piece of garland. Hide any wires in the greenery.

  6. Wire on artificial grapes

    Wire bunches of artificial grapes to the garland by wrapping floral wire around the stems of the grapes and the garland.

  7. Put the garland in place

    Lay the garland in the desired location. Position the garland close to an outlet in which to plug the lights.