How Do You Decorate Front Porch Columns?

Decorate your front porch columns by following a few simple steps that take less than an hour to complete. You need a decoration to wind around the columns and accent decorations to set at the base of the columns.

  1. Make a plan

    Before you start decorating your porch columns, make a plan. Consider decorating your columns according to the season or an upcoming holiday.

  2. Wind the columns with decorations

    Wind the columns with your choice of garland or wrapping material. During the spring, attach flowers to the columns. To celebrate summer, wind the columns with vines. For fall, decorate the columns with silk leaf garlands. Twist fresh pine or holly garlands around the columns during the winter. If you want to decorate for holidays such as the Fourth of July, wind the columns with red, white and blue garlands or streamers.

  3. Add accents

    After adorning the column, add accent decorations to the base of the columns. Match the accents to the column embellishments. For instance, during the fall, place pumpkins, gourds or cornucopias at the base of the columns. Place baskets or pots of flowers at the bases during the spring and summer. Consider adding accents to the garlands as well, such as bows, flags or Christmas decorations.