How Do You Decorate a Dresser With a Scarf?


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One way to decorate a dresser with a scarf is to drape the scarf across the top of the dresser. Another idea is to wrap scarves around items sitting on the dresser.

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Drape a wrap-style scarf across the top of a dresser for a nice accent, or place a neck scarf across the middle of a dresser like a table runner. Use colors that complement the decor of the room. If a room has a neutral color scheme, a brightly colored scarf can add an exciting accent to the space. Hanging a scarf directly on the wall over the dresser like a piece of art is another idea.

Bright colors and patterns can provide an interesting contrast to a simple dresser. Cut or fold a scarf, put it in a picture frame and place it on the dresser or hang it up behind it. Alternatively, wrap scarves around large candles, vases and other objects and then place them on top of the dresser. You can also hang scarves from the handles on a dresser.

If your dresser has an attached mirror, hang scarves from the sides of the mirror. Tying a scarf diagonally across one corner of a square mirror is an easy way to add some personality to the area.

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