How Do You Decorate a Dining Room Hutch?


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Dining room hutches are a great place to display extraordinary or meaningful dining things that would not be kept in the kitchen, such as a great-grandmother's china or antique cookware. A hutch's decor can be changed often and is an easy way to freshen up a room.

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Dining rooms are considered more formal, so this would be a great room to add a touch of flair or sophistication that would not necessarily fit in with the rest of the house. Glass doors and high shelves on hutches offer a safe way to display family heirlooms and fancy china. Coordinating the room, hutch and items in it by color and pattern ensures the display is pleasing to the eye. Hutches can be painted to add a pop of color to the room and give contrast to the items it holds. Balance is important for decorating. If a tall item is placed on one side of the shelf, add another tall item to the opposite side, and vary the item sizes in between. Similar items look good in groups of threes. Three stacks of bowls in between two large plates displayed on their edges would be a good way to display a shelf. Avoid cluttering the space by placing additional items in attractive baskets that can be placed on top of the shelf or in a closed cabinet.

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