How Do You Decorate With Color Combinations of Sage Green?

To decorate with sage green color combinations, first determine the style you want for the room. Modern spaces benefit from a sage green with cool blue or gray undertones paired with stainless steel, whereas more traditional and rustic spaces work with warmer sage hues paired with wood accents.

Determine the type of sage green you have in your space before selecting accent colors. Cool sage greens have undertones of blue and grey, whereas warm sage greens have red or yellow undertones. Compare several sage-green paint swatches side-by-side to see which most closely matches the space's existing color.

Crisp white accents match warm and cool green hues perfectly. White trim, furniture pieces and accent decor work in any space and act as a beautiful contrast to the earthy hues of sage green. Use the paint color's warm or cool undertones as a guide for choosing other accent colors. Cool hues of blue and grey compliment cool colors of sage green, and modern metal accents such as stainless steel and chrome compliment the space. Warm hues of red and yellow add contrast to a space decorated with a warm sage green. For these traditional, rustic or cottage-style spaces, warm wood tones and wrought iron complete the look.