How Do You Decorate a Coffee Table?

How Do You Decorate a Coffee Table?

To decorate a coffee table, select a theme that you want to display as the focal point of your room. Combine interesting layers and textures to create a display that is unique and attractive to your personal tastes.

Before decorating your coffee table, decide on a theme that works well in the room. Use natural elements, such as drift wood, moss balls or seashells, to create an organic display. When selecting elements to decorate a coffee table, look for items of varying heights and sizes for maximum interest.

To layer items on a coffee table without it looking cluttered, add a tray. Vintage silver trays add a shabby chic feel to a room, while rustic wooden trays reflect a more primitive style. Select a sleek clear acrylic tray for modern spaces.

A variety of texture adds interest to a coffee table arrangement. Look for things with visual texture, such as subtle patterns and colors on books. These complement items with physical texture, including rough and smooth surfaces. Painted birds pair well with smooth crystal accessories, while rough pine cones provide a nice contrast to a chrome bowl.

Create a warm, inviting environment in the living room by adding a light source to the coffee table. Real or electric candles provide a little light for a quiet night at home while lanterns add a fun touch for dinner parties.