How Do You Decorate a Child's Bedroom?


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When decorating a child's bedroom, consider the child's personality, age and areas of interest. Incorporate these into the room's design and use the child's favorite colors. Take into account how the child's needs change over time. For instance, include quality furniture that is usable as the child grows. Decide on a decorating budget to help the parent and the child choose what is most important for the bedroom.

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Adding fun accessories is an affordable way to include trends in the bedroom, and they can easily be changed at a later time. Include shelves and a desk in a child's room because these are functional items that the child can use for years. Allow the child to express personal creativity by making projects for the bedroom. Children can make artwork, and teenagers can share in painting the room.

A child's bedroom typically goes through several stages. During the toddler years, the child shifts from the crib to a bed. Next comes the switch to an older child's room, and lastly, the room changes again during the late teenage years. Use quality pieces in the child's bedroom, so that the room can be converted into an office or guestroom later, if desired.

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