How Do You Decorate for a Beach Theme?

How Do You Decorate for a Beach Theme?

To decorate a room with a beach theme, opt for blue and white paint and beach-themed decor. Paint the room in the desired colors, then add decorative pieces to complete the theme of the room. The process of updating the current decor can take several days and requires paint, basic painting supplies and the desired focus and accent pieces.

  1. Paint the room in beach colors

    The most common colors used to create a beach theme include watery blue shades, crisp white and tan. Paint the room with the desired combination of blue paint, then use bright white as an accent for the room's trim, doors and ceilings.

  2. Install a focus piece in the room

    Vintage oars, a beach-themed painting or a rug in a natural fiber such as jute in sand-colored tan are options that can be used as a focus piece for the room. A single, large focus piece is an affordable option to redecorating the home on a budget and can include a wide range of authentic beach items that range from fishing poles to crab traps.

  3. Add the finishing details

    Vases of sand or sea glass, sea shells, starfish and other small decorative pieces can be placed around the room to tie the theme together.