How Do You Decorate With Bathroom Towels?


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There are many ways to decorate with bathroom towels, from towel origami to the simple roll method. To create a fun, soothing space, follow these simple steps. The needed supplies are new towels, a ribbon, bin or towel shelf.

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  1. Choose a color scheme

    Pick the ideal colors for the bathroom towels. Make sure that the colors fit with the current bathroom decor. Neutral colors are favorite options because they fit in seamlessly.

  2. Purchase new towels

    Buy towels. Using only new and clean towels when decorating a bathroom gives it a sophisticated look.

  3. Choose a towel arrangement option

    Choose an arrangement for storing the towels. For instance, opt for the simple but effective towel roll design. This adds a colorful splash to a bin under the sink or a wire rack on a shelf. The basic folded towel option is also effective. Stack the towels in an organized color pattern on a ladder shelf.

  4. Fold the towels

    Fold towels carefully, making sure to line up the edges and keep the design neat and tight. To roll towels, fold them in thirds and roll them tightly. Place a rolled towel with a towel in a coordinating color beside it, or tie a smaller towel on top with a decorative ribbon.

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